Leadership Training

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We work with the leadership team to ensure that the organization will be setup for a successful continuous process improvement journey. Understanding the organization’s goals provides the foundation for building an effective continuous improvement strategy. Our Champion and Sponsor training and customized coaching will help your leaders to understand how to support your process improvement efforts, which is a critical component for achieving business results.

Types of Leadership Training


Six Sigma “Champions” are the key individuals, often at the C-level or part of the executive leadership team of an organization, who ensure the direction and goals for the deployment of Six Sigma are aligned with the organization’s overall goals. They may assist the Sponsors, the upper level management supporters, with the process improvement project and practitioner selection processes. The Champions are part of the leadership team that commit the resources required to sustain their continuous improvement journey efforts. They also ensure their teams have the necessary focus and hold them accountable to successfully complete process improvement projects that are tied to the company’s goals.

The role of a champion includes:

  • Setting the goals for the organization’s Six Sigma/process improvement deployment
  • Communicating the expectations for the deployment, and the measures of success
  • Understanding variation and how reactions to the variation impact the organization
  • Challenging the status quo and avoid over-reactions to common causes of variation
  • Dedicating to using the Six Sigma philosophy for process improvements
  • Driving positive behaviors through appropriate metric selection
  • Setting an example by “walking the talk”

Sharon is an example of all that is right with Six Sigma. She is extremely creative yet follows a rigorous non compromising methodology. She is a true change agent and enthusiastically was able to embrace our culture and understand the challenges and issues. Her experience is outstanding and her dedication and knowledge is second to none. I highly recommend Sharon and Hexagon Solutions & Beyond to any company or organization that is considering launching a Six Sigma program whether small or large.

John – Business Owner


Customized training can be done for your organization on-site to include company specific examples, data sets, standard organization templates and forms, and nomenclature consistent with the organization’s strategy.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment training allows your organization to join other non-competing companies in similar or different industries that teaches our proven curriculum in an off-site setting.

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