Peter – Lean Six Sigma Black
Belt Project Manager

“Going through Black Belt training at [organization] with Sharon was challenging, enjoyable, productive, tiring, exciting- all due to the dynamic and professional and positive teaching style and engagement style of Sharon.

Her tailored training is world class and her ability to understand the needs of the class and company and get the best out of everyone in that room needs to be seen to be believed. The Black Belts that Sharon has trained compared to the previous groups trained by other companies have developed into mature and dynamic black belts that have worked on complex projects across the [organization] divisions delivering millions of dollars in revenue and cost savings.

Her delivery of complex statistics and methodology and concepts in a conversational and realistic way makes the six sigma world seem achievable. I would highly recommend Sharon’s company to anyone who wants to see their talented employees further enhanced by being trained and shown the way forward in lean six sigma methodology by someone who has herself achieved great things- it will take your teams from good to great.”

Christian N. – Lean Six Sigma
Master Black Belt

“The energy and second to none expertise knowledge that Sharon from HexSAB has brought to us has proved to be truly monumental. All our participants rave about the brilliant development given to them. Across our whole business we have engaged participants delivering projects worth millions of dollars to us. With HexSAB we have been able to form a great partnership with a remarkable return on investment.”

Sumeyra U. – Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt Project Manager

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sharon for her excellence in delivering training.  I highly recommend HexSAB’s Lean Six Sigma training program. Upon arriving to class my expectations were to learn about Lean Six Sigma. The training was thorough and ensured that we were well equipped to not only learn the methodology but also apply the learning’s outside the classroom – successfully.

We received group as well as individual guidance throughout our training. This was critical to our learning as it meant each participant truly understood the content. Our trainer Sharon was professional and enthusiastic. Her experience really showed in her knowledge, patience and professionalism throughout the delivery of the training. The HexSAB Lean Six Sigma program sets its participants up for success. There is a clear difference in the quality of participants trained by HexSAB in comparison to other training providers. We have been able to execute LSS projects more efficiently and with success across various parts of the business.

Thank you once again Sharon for your guidance and support – I would not be the Black Belt I am today without your training”.

Ng CK – Manager

“I had the opportunity to be one of Sharon’s Black Belt students. Sharon is a very professional and experienced guru to collaborate with.  For other training classes I have attended, I would need to go back home to further study in order to understand completely. But for Sharon’s classes, I fully understood the content on the spot thus no more bed time study. Thanks to her detailed explanation and patience. Besides, she is also very strict on our assignments, so make sure you complete your assignments on time on target.”

Sandra G. – Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt Project Manager

“The Black Belt training was great.  Sharon Gregory is a passionate and dedicated trainer and she has a wide range of experiences in delivering outcomes across various industries which allowed her to provide real life examples of how to apply the Lean Six Sigma tools and knowledge.  With no previous LSS experience I found Sharon’s enthusiasm and passion for continuous improvement very engaging and motivating and it has given me the best possible start to my new career path.”

Jeff S. - Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt Project Manager

“Sharon’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program is first class, the content, backed up by industry knowledge and experience, delivered by a professional and talented facilitator, from me gets a 11 out of 10.

The way that I look at, and the lenses that I now have to identify and improve customer and business outcomes as a result of Sharon’s training and coaching has shifted forever.

The absolute best, capability lifting, eye opening, interesting, challenging and valuable learning experience.

I would highly recommend the LSS Black Belt journey to anyone who wants to deliver customer and business outcomes. I would definitely recommend Sharon and the HexSAB program as the capability development program.”

Nigel E. – Customer Experience
Green Belt

“I have to say you would have to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Your enthusiasm, and engagement with your students is amazing and I know I am not alone in that thought. If you asked this student, who left school early to chase a dream as a Diesel mechanic for 15 years, that one day he would be doing University level studies, I would have laughed and said no way. I certainly didn’t think it would be possibly to push myself like that, and I can confidently say it had a lot to do with the teacher, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”