Project Coaching & Leadership

Developing new practitioners to lead process improvement projects, through intense training and focused coaching, is an exceptional investment that will keep paying back results.

Skilled Black Belt and Green Belt project leaders, Yellow Belt project supporters/subject matter experts, and the strategic guidance and accountability leadership from the Champions and Sponsors are key ingredients for achieving successful process improvement project results and ultimately significant business results. HexSAB can teach and coach your teams to be effective process improvement project leaders; and can also lead process improvement projects.

Project Coaching

Black Belts and Green Belts learn the skills necessary to become strong project leaders through our challenging and robust process improvement training; however they need practice and support to development their skills. We can provide additional support for the trainees to coach them through their projects during and after the training, while giving them the experience to become a skilled project leader. Project coaching is an integral part of developing your practitioners because it helps them to connect their classroom learning experiences to their real-world process improvement projects.

The mentoring we provide boosts their project leadership confidence and gives them the opportunity to ask project-specific questions related to tool usage and project management. During the coaching sessions we ensure the practitioners are using the right tools in the right way to support the process improvement projects they are leading.

We will work with you to create a support package to coach and mentor your practitioners to help them to efficiently and effectively complete their process improvement projects. These skilled project leaders will be valuable resources to your organization.

Project Leadership

We can also take the lead role for managing your process improvement project(s). This can be done independent of training or to complement the training and support we are providing to your practitioners. Our project leadership services include:
  • Assisting with project scoping and definition
  • Developing and documenting a project charter
  • Supporting the selection of project team members
  • Identifying communication plans for project stakeholders
  • Communicating the charter, milestones, and results to leadership
  • Facilitating necessary workshops to engage the subject matter experts
  • Leading team meetings to manage the project phases
  • Managing a timeline for project completion
  • Alerting leadership of opportunities and/or timeline progress challenges
  • Creating presentations/report-outs to show progress
  • Providing regular updates to the project Champions/Sponsors
  • Delivering the final results and recommendations to the leadership team

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